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How to Combine Two Rooms Into One: Prep

Sometimes houses are originally built with small rooms that are difficult to use. With these easy steps, learn how to demolish the dividers between rooms and create one larger room out of two.

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combine two rooms into one
  • Time

    Under Half Day

  • Price Range

    $100 - $250

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Plan and Measure

Determine your layout. Computer programs are available that will allow you to experiment until you find the right layout.

The easiest way to determine the kind of wall you will be dealing with is to look in your attic. If there are trusses spanning between the floors, as was the case on the show, you will be in good shape.

Remove the furniture so you will have plenty of room to work. Measure for the cabinet and countertop you will install, and then gather all your materials together.

Turn off the power to the circuit before removing any outlets on the wall.

Step 2: Remove Trim

Remove the trim, the baseboard, doorjamb, chair rail and crown molding with a pry bar and hammer.

remove trim from wall to be demolished

Step 3: Measure and Remove Drywall

Measure 3/4 inch above the existing soffit in the kitchen and make a mark. This will allow for the thickness of your finish trim once you build the new frame.

Use a level and transfer the mark along the wall where you will make your cut.

Place the level vertically on the wall at the door edge and scribe the drywall with a utility knife. Go over the cut line several times. You need to scribe the wall well because it needs to have a breaking point, and the cut is where it will stop.

Rip the drywall from the wall.

measure and remove drywall

Step 4: Mark for the Soffit

Use a speed square and make a mark in the back of the paneling in order to transfer the height of the soffit.

Mark two points and then use a small bit and drill through the paneling.

mark for the soffit

Step 5: Chalk and Saw the Wall

The pocket door comes out, and on the other side, use a screw to mark the first hole and attach a chalk line to it. Pull the chalk line tight and make your mark.

Use a cordless circular saw and cut along the line. Set the blade just deep enough to cut through the paneling, and then remove all of the paneling.

Use a speed square and draw a line on the 2" x 4"s and then cut through them one at a time, removing them from the wall as you go.

use cordless circular saw and cut along chalk line

Step 6: Remove the Electrical Outlet

Remove the bottom plate and pull the outlet wires through the studs and cap them again with wire nuts.

Tip: As with any electrical project, safety should be your primary concern. If you are not 100 percent comfortable with making the electrical connections yourself, you should contact a qualified electrician to make these connections for you.

Remove the last stud at the wall.

remove last stud at wall