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How to Build Storage Cabinets

Host Fuad Reveiz shows how to build storage cabinets in a garage.

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Step 1: Measure the Wall

Measure the cabinet wall dimensions. Once this is done, use a miter saw to cut the top and bottom plates.

Step 2: Nail the Studs

Measure and mark the bottom plate for the location of the studs. Nail the studs into place using a framing nailer. Repeat the process for the top plate.

nail studs into place

Step 3: Remove the Baseboards

The baseboards may have to be removed. Remove them with a reciprocating saw and a pry bar.

Step 4: Set the Wall Into Place

No stud is near the anchor point where the new wall will be connected, so use toggle bolts to anchor the first wall. First, drill holes into the wall with a small paddle bit. Then, position the new wall against the existing wall and mark the areas where the toggles will be inserted. Use a larger paddle bit to drill the marked areas. Assemble the toggle bolts in the stud wall and set the wall into place.

set wall into place

Step 5: Insert the Spacer Blocks

The last wall in this demonstration needs two solid corners and a door. The corners are assembled with the framing nailer and the spacer blocks are inserted and nailed into place.

insert spacer blocks

Step 6: Nail the Plates Securely

Position the bottom plate on the two corner pieces and nail it securely into place. Nail the top plate the same way.

Step 7: Nail the Last Wall

Nail the header for the doorway, and install the blocking over the header. Raise the last wall into position and nail it into place with the framing nailer.

Step 8: Insert the Screws

To keep the closet stationary, anchor the unit to the floor. Pre-drill a 2x4 and inset a masonry bit. Continue pre-drilling into the concrete base. Once complete, install tapcon screws.

anchor closet unit to floor

Step 9: Cut the Door Threshold

With framing solidly anchored, use a reciprocating saw to cut the door threshold.

Step 10: Nail the MDO Sideboard

Measure and cut an MDO sideboard for sheathing, and nail it into place.

Step 11: Measure the Doorway

Set the door into place and use a level to plumb. Remove the door for now and cover it with diamond plating, if desired. With the door removed, take measurements and transfer it to the diamond plate.

Step 12: Re-Hang the Door

Make cuts with a jigsaw and a metal cutting blade. Position the piece on the door's surface and pre-drill holes. Use a screw gun to install small pan head screws. Re-hang the door, and touch it up with flat black spray paint.

re hang door