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How to Build Open Shelving With a Stained-Glass Accent (page 2 of 2)

Build open shelving with a stained-glass accent to open up the kitchen space while adding a decorative element.

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Cut Shelves

Measure the length of the shelves and cut each shelf to length with a chop saw.

Smooth Shelving

Rip down each shelf with the table saw to mimic the width of the jamb legs, and router each end of the shelf for that smooth, polished look.

Install Shelving

Install each shelf at desired level.

Add a Stopper

For the stained-glass area, add a stopper, using 1/4 round cut to size of window frame. Cut each individual piece using a chop saw.

Find Depth

Find the depth where the stained-glass pane will sit.

Attach Stopper

Attach one side of the 1/4-round stopper with the finish nailer.

Insert Stained Glass and Secure

When all four pieces are installed, carefully insert the stained glass into the area. Attach the other side of the stopper on the reverse side of the stained glass to keep it in place.

Paint Shelves

Remove all the shelves to prime and paint your desired color.

Re-Install Shelves

Add some trim around the border of the window, and re-install the shelves.

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