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How to Build Open Shelving With a Stained-Glass Accent (page 1 of 2)

Build open shelving with a stained-glass accent to open up the kitchen space while adding a decorative element.

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Measure Opening

Measure the window opening to determine measurements of the legs and jambs.

Cut Jambs and Legs

Using 5 1/4 MDF, cut jambs and legs to size of frame-out with a chop saw. Make sure to measure from cut edge to make the frame-out square.

Cut Jamb Legs for Shelves

Cut to size the number of jamb legs needed to create the desired amount of shelves. These will be parallel to the legs of the frame-out.

Rip Down MDF

Rip down the 5-1/4 MDF to 4-9/16 with a table saw. Make sure all jamb legs are the same width.

Round Jamb Leg Edges

Use a router to round each edge of the jamb legs to create a smooth polished edge.

Measure Stained-Glass Piece

Measure the piece of stained glass in order to build the frame-out within the shelving unit.

Insert Frame-Out Into Opening

Use 2-1/2" drywall screws to attach all four sides of the frame-out and jamb legs, making sure to pre-drill each hole before screwing together. Once everything is in place, insert the frame-out into window opening.

Secure to Wall

Using shims, make the frame-out level, and secure it to the wall using a framing nailer with 2" framing nails.

Put Pegboard Against MDF

Once leveled, put the pegboard up against the inside of the MDF where the shelves will go.

Drill MDF

Drill out the desired amount of holes and the desired width, allowing you to make floating adjustable shelves.

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