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How to Build Open Kitchen Shelving (page 1 of 2)

Build open shelving in your kitchen to add extra storage space to store kitchen items or decor.

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Measure Width of Shelves

Measure out the desired width of the shelves. This will also be the same measurement for your ledger.

Transfer Measurements

Transfer the measurements to either five quarter board or MDF.

Make Cuts

Make cuts using a chop saw.

Rip Down MDF

Rip down the five quarter board or MDF to 2 inches using a table saw; this will be the thickness of all your stock.

Measure and Cut Stock Pieces

Measure and cut all stock pieces to size to create the ledger, down supports and 45-degree angle braces.

Angle Bottom Edges

Angle the bottom edges on all of the down supports to give it a finished look, which is known as a chamfered edge.

Make 45-Degree Cuts

Make a 45-degree cut on each end of all of the angle braces.

Measure for Location of Down Supports

Measure 4 inches from the outside edge of the ledger to determine where the down supports will be attached.

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