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How to Build a Child's Bed Shaped Like an ATV

DIY Network experts give step-by-step instructions on how to make an all-terrain trundle bed.

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Step 1: Secure the Stencil and Cut the Plywood

Start by securing the stencil smoothly to the plywood with painter's tape.
Use a level to follow the template and make straight cut lines to follow (Image 1).

Following the cut lines, cut out the ATV shape with a jigsaw. It is a good idea to use a thin blade when cutting out a decorative pattern like this (Image 2). Re-tape down the loose edges as you go, to keep the pattern tight to the wood.

Step 2: Sand the Edges and Secure the Stencil to the Cutout

Sand the edges smooth and brush off the sawdust (Image 1).

Tape down half of the stencil securely to the plywood. Remove the backing on the other half of the stencil and press it into place (Image 2). When applying the stencil, it is easier to stick down only half the stencil at a time to keep it from wrinkling and sticking to itself. It is also helpful to have another person help on a project like this.

Use a squeegee to smooth the stencil as it is applied to the plywood cutout and make sure no air bubbles get trapped inside. Repeat the process to the second half of the stencil.

Step 3: Create Another Form for the Back

Carefully peel back the protective coating from the top (Image 1).

Use this ATV form to create another form for the back side of the bed. Simply lay this piece face up on a sheet of plywood and trace out the shape. Using the jigsaw, cut out the form, and sand the edges with the metal file.

Cut strips of 1x2 wood to attach to the plywood cutout for additional strength. Use 1/4" screws to attach the plywood together (Image 2). If the screws are much longer, they may poke through.

Finish by using a router on the edges for a smooth rounded finish.

Step 4: Screw the Bed Frame to the Wall

In the bedroom, mark the wall at the studs and then screw the bed frame to the wall with 3" screws (Image 1).

To make sure the bed is sturdy, use 5" lag bolts through the 2x4s and into the wall stud. Start by pre-drilling holes and then tightening the lag bolts by hand (Image 2).

Step 5: Attach the ATV Form to the Wall

Attach the plain ATV form to the wall using the stud marks with screws. Then, secure the stenciled ATV form to the frame with the stenciled side facing out (Image 1).

The rest of the car goes together like a jigsaw puzzle. Each of the pieces was cut from a template, and each piece is screwed into place (Image 2).

Step 6: Add the Wheels

To add wheels to the ATV bed, start by screwing castors onto the bottom of the wheels (Image 1).

Be sure to pre-drill the holes into the hubcaps so they won’t crack when driving in the screws (Image 2).

Screw a hinged bracket to the bed leg and into the tire, so the tire can swing out to allow the trundle bed to slide out from underneath the ATV (Image 3).