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How to Build a Window Bench Seat (page 1 of 3)

Utilize the often unused space underneath a window to create a DIY bench for additional seating.

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Step 1: Size Up the Project

Look around, choose a window space, stand back and frame the scene. To get a mental picture of the project, ask these clarifying questions: How big is the window? Will the bench width match the window width, or will the bench be bigger/smaller? Does the bench blend in or stand out? Will the bench seat be padded? Is the bench movable or attached to the wall? How deep is the bench? Once it's built should it be trimmed with baseboard to match the room, painted or stained? Answering these questions will help visualize the end product before plans are drawn up.

Step 2: Draw Up the Plans

At Blog Cabin 2011, the small nook determined the size of the bench. Measure for width and depth at the desired location and sketch out the bench and its dimensions on paper. Generate a materials list from this dimensional sketch. The Blog Cabin window bench was 47" wide, 20" deep and 20" tall to conform to the small nook. It was decided to cover the sides with a 1/4" x 4" t&g beadboard, finish the bottom with matching baseboard, trim the corners with corner trim and trim the top plywood edge with 1/4" x 3/4" edge trim.

Builder's Tip: If you would like the window bench to stand out, consider using a thin cedar t&g used in paneling the inside of linen closets. The wood color, grain pattern and cedar scent will enhance the look of the furnishing.

Step 3: Frame the Bench Box

Once the width and depth dimensions of the bench are determined, measure and cut 2x4s to create two rectangles that will frame the inside of the bench "box."

Safety Tip: When using power tools for cutting or drilling, always use safety glasses or a face shield for your protection

Builder's Tip: If the bench width is to match the window trim width, allow for the plywood, trim and top when the frame is assembled.

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