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How to Build a Water Heater Surround

Build a surround around an unsightly water heater with these instructions.

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build a surround around unsightly water heater


Step 1: Check the Stud Placement

Note: Always check local codes before enclosing any appliance.

Check the placement of the studs near the area where the surround opening will be. This will ensure that the door has plenty of support.

Step 2: Install Cleats and a Doorjamb

If no stud exists in the area, install 2 x 6 cleats and a doorjamb using wood screws to secure.

Tip: When driving screws through several layers of wood, first rub the screw on a bar of soap to help it go through the material easier.

install cleats and doorjamb

Step 3: Add Sheet Metal

Cut the door to size. Then attach hat channels and sheet metal to the door. A metal break can be rented to bend the metal easier.

attach hat channels and sheet metal to door

Step 4: Attach the Hinges

Attach the hinges to the door and hang the door. Add an extension piece to close the remaining opening if necessary.

attach hinges to door and hang door