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How to Build a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack (page 1 of 2)

A wine rack mounted on the wall adds style and storage space to your kitchen. Follow these instructions to construct your own wine rack.

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Step 1: Cut Pieces for Box

After determining the size of your unit, cut the top, bottom and sides of the box from 1x12 x 6’ maple planking using your power saw. Also, cut a 2” strip the length of the wine rack, which will later be used to hang the wine rack on the wall.

Step 2: Create Rabbet Joints

Set aside the two side panels and locate the interior sides of the top and bottom pieces. Find the center lines of both the interior upper and interior lower panels and mark a 3/4” wide strip on each. Using a router or circular saw, notch out both laterals at a depth of 3/16" the entire width of the boards from front to back. This will create a “rabbet joint” – essentially, a U-shaped groove in the wood that will accept another piece of wood, cradling it, by locking it in on both flanks.

You are now ready to glue, nail and screw the four sides of the wine rack together. Try to use screws in areas that will not be visible.

Step 3: Assemble the Box

Assemble the sides to create the wine rack’s box-shaped frame. Glue, nail and screw the perimeter together. Next, lay the box down on its face and install the 2” strip along the top/back edge of the unit, keeping it flush with the rear surface. This strip will not only be used as the hanger for the rack to the wall and into the beams to carry the weight of the wine bottles, but it will also keep the unit perfectly square. Turn the unit over on its back and reveal the face, plus the two rabbeted joints.

Step 4: Measure Between Rabbet Grooves

Measure the height of (distance between) the grooves at their deepest part. If you are using 1x material, that measurement should be the height of the unit minus 3/8" for the two 3/16” rabbeted grooves.

Step 5: Cut Wood for Divider

Cut a piece of wood the height of your measurement and the depth of your wine rack to be used as a divider for the unit. Cut a 3/4” x 2” notch out of the top/back portion of the divider to fit around the hanger strip. Glue, nail and/or screw it in place between the top and bottom portions. This rabbeted divider will add stability and keep the wine rack aligned.

You should be left with two equally spaced compartments. You are now ready to fabricate two X-shaped supports to create eight triangular shelves for wine storage.

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