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How to Build a TV Wall Mount Frame (page 2 of 2)

Learn how to transform an antique fireplace mantel into a flat-screen TV surround, a creative and eye-catching conversation piece that can turn any TV room into a unique area.

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Step 4: Hang the Mantel (Upside Down)

Any mantel of size, regardless of weight, must be connected to the wall studs. Using a stud finder or tapping with the knuckle technique and listening to sound changes will identify where the wall studs are located.

With assistance, lift the mantel, upside down, to its chosen height and location on the wall. Pilot hole locations must be marked on the mantel. Lower the mantel and pre-drill the pilot holes. Only four screws are needed. Pre-set the 3-inch screws and hold the mantel back up onto the wall, aligning the wall studs and pre-set mounting screws. Screw the mantel into place, leveling as you work. Fill in the counter-sunk screw holes with wood putty and touch-up paint.

Step 5: Prep Wall for TV Mount

TV wall mounts can be attached with single stud mount or dual stud mount capabilities. Determine the height of the TV and calculate the attachment location on the wall based on the manufacturer's suggested mounting instructions. Attach wooden brackets (2" x 4" x 30") to the wall studs with 3" screws, following proper manufacturer's spacing recommendations. Secure the TV wall mount to this wooden bracket using the manufacture's attachment kit.

Step 6: Attach TV to Wall Mount

Attach the TV to the wall mount following the manufacturer's suggested instructions. Plug the TV into the wall receptacle and hook up the cable. Adjust the TV tilt and its swing arm, grab the remote and some refreshments, and then kick back and admire the new DIY TV room.

Options: To top off the TV room, consider adding a vintage table (of the same era as the mantel) underneath the TV to hold the DVD player or an old bookshelf to hold DVDs.

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