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How to Build a Treehouse

Create a cabin in the trees in several easy steps. First, determine the trees that will form the perimeter of the house. Then assemble the deck, frame and gable roof. Customize the look with decorative railing, a truss and a ladder.

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  • Time

    Several Weekends

  • Price Range

    $500 - $1,000

  • Difficulty

    Moderate to Hard


Step 1: Build the Deck

The first and most important step? Location! Pick the flattest area you can find, with a group of sturdy trees to use as a foundation. To construct the deck, connect the perimeter of the trees with 2x8s, using lag bolts at every joint to fasten the timbers together. Attach the girders and floor joists and finish by attaching pressure-treated plywood on top.

Step 2: Frame the Walls

Frame the walls to your desired height. Position frames on the deck, then attach them together and to the decking below, using pressure-treated nails. To finish the framing process, nail pressure-treated material on the top.

Step 3: Build the Roof

Frame out the gable end, then attach a ridge beam, spanning the length of the roof, to the gable end. For accurate roof pitch, attach the rafters to the ridge beam, starting in the middle. Cover the roof with pressure-treated material.

Step 4: Finishing

Now it’s time for the details: Frame the windows, add a truss and railing around the perimeter and build a ladder.

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