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How to Build a Trash Hideaway

You'll get the convenience you want, plus your handy trash hideaway will keep your home looking good on the outside.

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trash hideaway takes care of unsightly garbage can


Step 1: Prepare the Area

The ground area will need to staked off and leveled with a shovel. Cut posts and set them into the ground at least a foot deep. In cold climates, dig the postholes three feet down to get below the frost line. This will prevent movement during freeze-and-thaw cycles.

level ground before building trash hideaway

Step 2: Anchor the Posts

Once the posts are plumb, lumber and clamps can hold posts in place while quick-setting concrete hardens. When using quick-setting concrete, pour dry mortar into the hole, then fill it with water from a garden hose and let it cure overnight. Each 3-foot hole requires five bags of concrete.

wood and clamps hold posts level as concrete sets

Step 3: Install Pavers

A layer of sand makes a good base for pavers, which can add a stylish touch to the surface.

pavers need a good base of leveled sand

Step 4: Hide the Area

Wooden lattice can block the view of the bins and let in air for ventilation. A garden gate with an adjustable gravity latch keeps small children out. Finally, consider adding a simple storage shelf to make cleaning cans quick and easy.

lattice blocks bins from view and lets in air