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How to Build a Tiki Bar (page 4 of 4)

Take outdoor entertaining to new heights by building a backyard tiki bar with bamboo accents and a thatched roof.

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Step 16: Add Plywood Slats to Roof

Measure and miter cut plywood to fit together around the four sides of the roof. Start at the center and work your way down. The size of the plywood pieces will increase as you move from down to bottom of roof structure (Image 1).

Use framing nails to attach the plywood to the posts. Leave roughly four inches between each piece of plywood (Image 2).

Step 17: Cover Roof With Plastic

Wrap the roof structure tightly in heavy-duty plastic sheeting and staple it into place.

Tiki Bar Plastic Roof Covering

Step 18: Attach Thatching

Attach the thatching to the roof structure using heavy-duty staples. Trim the excess as needed.

Tiki Bar Thatching Roof

Step 19: Secure Roof

Lift the assembled roof structure on to bar structure and use lag bolts to secure at all points of contact.

Tiki Bar Putting On Roof

Step 20: Finish Posts

For decorative purposes, wrap the posts in bamboo stalks.