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How to Build a Terraced Garden

A terraced garden is a stylish touch for any yard.

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a terraced garden will bring backyard pleasure


Step 1: Prepare the Area

Begin by clearing and leveling the entire area. Use tall stakes to mark the placement of the first layer of stones. Place a level string line at the estimated final wall height, and mark the stake with a pencil.

tall stakes mark placement of first layer of stone

Step 2: Build the First Level

For walls three layers high or less, dig a trench 12" wide and 3" deep. Firmly pack the trench floor with a hand tamp. Add 1" of coarse sand to the bottom of the trench and level the surface with a carpenter's level. Recheck the level string line where the top of the first layer of stone will be. Position the stone side-by-side, making sure to keep them level.

sand on bottom of trench helps level surface

Step 3: Assemble the Remaining Levels

Once the base layer is complete, continue to assemble additional layers by positioning the stones in a staggered pattern. Continue the same construction method for all additional tiers.

When all the stones are in place, backfill with the original dirt. Wetting the dirt will help keep the stones in place and, when dry, the dirt will setup almost like concrete.

After back-filling, spread the area with topsoil. Remember that the placement of the plants is just as important as their color and form. Keep the look natural by bunching plants in groups of three or seven.

additional tiers follow same pattern as base level