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How to Build a Tall Storage Cabinet

Use these step-by-step instructions to build a custom cabinet that stores the tall and the tiny.

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    $100 - $250

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Step 1: Make a Plan and Cut the Plywood

The tall cabinet is essentially a tall box, built to tuck into a narrow corner. The cabinet in this project measures 7' tall, 27" long and 12" deep. It includes a recessed cubby to hold small items (Image 1).

Use a table saw to cut 3/4" plywood for the cabinet pieces. To cut the rectangular opening in one of the side pieces, measure and mark the desired opening, then make plunge cuts with a circular saw to create the opening (Image 2).

Step 2: Build the Box and Cubby

Use wood glue and a finish nailer to assemble the sides, top and bottom of the cabinet. Lay the structure on its face and nail the back panel into place

Use glue and a finish nailer to assemble the small box that will become the cubby. Fit the cubby over the opening in the side of the cabinet and secure it using glue and nails.

Use glue and finish nails to attach a toe kick to the bottom of the cabinet front.

Step 3: Build the Doors

Cut two equal pieces of plywood to create double doors for the front of the cabinet. Trim out the doors to match the rest of the room; a plain wood trim that echoes the Shaker styling of the rest of the kitchen is used here. Use glue and finish nails to attach the trim to the doors, making sure the trim matches on both. Set the doors aside.

Step 4: Sand, Finish and Install the Cabinet

Sand the cabinet and doors. Finish with stain or paint, as desired.

Slip the cabinet into place, level it and use screws to attach it to the wall studs.

Lay the doors out face down and determine the positions for the hinges. Use a 1-3/8" Forstner bit to drill wide, deep holes to accommodate the European inset hinges. Use screws to attach the hinges to the door. Attach the handles to the doors, then mount the doors on the cabinet.