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How to Build a Storage Pantry

A pantry is a great way to solve the problem of clutter in the kitchen.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Cut Panels and Shelves

You’ll save on materials if the pantry’s dimensions fit standard lumber sizes. Start by cutting panels and shelves with a circular saw. When cutting with a circular saw, use a saw guide to keep the cuts straight. The guide can be made from any long straightedge held in place with clamps. The top, bottom, and side pieces go together first. Pre-drilling the holes will prevent splitting. Install the feet next and then the back.

Step 3: Install the Door

Depending on where you put the pantry, install the hinges so the door opens either right or left. The handle can go anywhere above center at a comfortable height.

Install a magnetic doorstop on the pantry floor to hold the door closed from the inside. Cut doorstops out of quarter-round molding to fit inside the top and bottom seams. To get an accurate measurement for the doorstops, set a piece of plywood on the front edge of the pantry and measure from its inside surface to the back of the pantry.

Step 4: Keep the Pantry from Falling

You can use shelving standards to support the shelves. Measure your storage containers then place the shelves to fit. An L bracket attached to a wall stud will keep the pantry from tipping.