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How To Build a Stone Paver Patio

Learn how to give an outdoor space an overhaul with a stone paver patio that will create a relaxing space for entertaining.

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finishe patio is improvement over previous deck
  • Time

    Several Weekends

  • Price Range

    $1,000 - $2,500

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Build the Frame

Break down any old structures in the yard and discard them. Trim down the posts to about three inches and then secure with quick-setting concrete. These will be used as framing for the new patio.

Step 2: Install the Boards and Joists

Next, attach 4x6 boards to the posts, toe-nailing them to fill out the frame, and check that each one is level. Attach joist hangers to the frame (Image 1). The joists sit inside the hangers and support the deck pavers (Image 2). Install lag bolts and washers to connecting posts to give them extra sturdiness.

Step 3: Protect the Wood and Lay the Pavers

Before laying the pavers, attach a waterproof membrane to the wood for added protection from water damage (Image 1). Then secure the pavers around the perimeter with bolts and fill in the frame with the remaining pavers (Images 2 and 3). If you install pavers on the ground, make sure you tamp them well and then check for level. Also, do not use wire brushes or acid to clean pavers. Soap and water is best.




  • Tools from Porter-Cable Corporation
  • Iron-Clad Gloves

  • Tools from Porter-Cable Corporation