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How to Build a Stone Facade

DIY experts show how to build a stone facade for a fireplace.

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    $500 - $1,000

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Step 1: Tack the Wire Mesh to the Surface

Tip: Measure the area and determine how many square feet of stone you will need. Remember to add 10 percent for waste.

Tack the wire mesh to the surface. This will help the cement grip the stones.

Step 2: Mix the Mortar

Mix the mortar in the wheelbarrow with a trowel. The mix is usually one part mortar to two parts sand, with water added until a thick peanut butter consistency is achieved.

Step 3: Butter the Stones

While working up, butter the sides and backs of the stones to prevent gaps and insure a good fit.

Step 4: Cut the Stones

Cut the stones with a chisel and hammer to maintain a consistent joint size. Use a level to check that the stones stay plumb against the wall while working up.

Step 5: Install the Wall Ties

While building the stone wall up, add wall ties to secure the wall when it dries. Install wall ties on either end of the wall by embedding one end into the cement and screwing the other end into the wall. Do this every few layers, or at most, every 4 feet.

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