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How to Build a Sofa With Storage Space

Carter Oosterhouse shows how to create more storage space by building a combination sofa/storage unit.

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Step 1: Attach the Back Section

For the sofa bottom, glue the edge of the sofa bottom. Place the back section of the sofa over the edge and nail 2-inch brads down the glued side.

Step 2: Add the Side Pieces

Glue the side edges of the sofa bottom and add the sidepieces. Use 2-inch brads to attach.

Step 3: Add the Cleats

Add the cleats for the sofa drawers. Measure 23 inches from each of the sides. Glue the cleats and attach them from underneath the sofa bottom. You should have three sections each measuring 23-inches.

Step 4: Attach the Drawer Glides

Add the glides for the drawers. Cut a 1/4-inch strip of wood to the same width as the guides and attach underneath. Nail the strips flush against the sides where the guides will be placed. Set the glides on top; this will assure even setting for each drawer.

Step 5: Place the Sofa Top

Glue the tops of the sides and cleats. Add the sofa top over and attach by nailing it with 2-inch brads along the top of the sides and the back.

Step 6: Attach the Caster Wheels

Turn the sofa over so the bottom is showing. Attach the front and back caster wheels onto the bottom of the sofa, four inches from the front and back and 2-1/2 inches from the sides. Place two more wheels directly in the center, 4-inches from the front and back edge.

Step 7: Miter for the Shelf

For the shelves, use a miter saw and miter the sides, top and bottom of the shelf to 45-degrees.

Step 8: Attach the Shelf Sides

The back of the sofa will actually be comprised of two bookshelves. The first bookshelf section will be 37-7/16 inches long and 36-inches high. Glue and attach the four shelf sides by using brad nails. The mitered edges should form a nice 90-degree angle. Glue the side edges of the shelf back and attach to the shelf frame.

Step 9: Create Three Shelf Sections

Measure 11 inches from the top and add the second shelf. Glue the back and sides and put in place, attaching from the outer sides with 2-inch brads. Repeat this step two more times so that you end up with three shelf sections measuring 11-inches high.

Step 10: Place the Drawers

Attach the sliders to the guides. Measure the space between the sliders to determine how wide to make the drawer: this should come to 22 inches. Cut a dado with 1/4-inch Kerf blade 1/2-inch from the bottom of each side of the drawer pieces. Glue and slide each piece over the bottom piece and attach with brads. The drawer should measure 29 by 22 by 8-1/2 inches. Attach the sliders to the side of the drawers and place the drawers into the sofa. Make sure the drawers are flush with the sofa front.

Step 11: Build and Attach the Drawer Facing

Build the drawer facing. There are two sizes for the facing. The two ends should measure 9 by 24-inches and the middle should measure 9 by 23-1/2 inches. This is because the middle facing has to share the two middle cleat edges with the end drawers. There should be a 14-inch space between end and middle drawers. To attach, position the facing in place and hold using grips. Screw it in from behind the front of the drawer into the facing.

Step 12: Add the Hardware

Add hardware to the drawers.

Step 13: Attach the Sofa Base

Attach the sofa base to the backside of the shelf unit.

Note: Make sure the shelf units are on a smooth and level surface before attaching.

Step 14: Add Accessories

Add cushions to the new sofa along with pillows and blankets to make it a comfortable place to lounge.

Step 15: Build the Second Bookshelf

The second bookshelf section will be 34-1/16 inches long and 36-inches high. Build this section the same as the first, again, with 11-inch high shelf sections.

Step 16: Attach the Shelf Units

Attach the two shelf units together by nailing the two facing sides into each other. Paint your desired color.

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