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How to Build a Sheet Goods Cart

Learn how to make a sheet goods cart that will help maneuver large sheets of plywood or drywall around a workshop.

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sheet goods cart moves large sheets of plywood
  • Time

    1 hour

  • Price Range

    $500 - $1,000

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Learn About the Cart

The sheet goods cart has several features, including a kickstand to steady the cart when it's not moving. It has a handle attached to the back of a large sheet of 3/4” plywood to control the cart when pushing. It also has two fixed casters that work like a skate. A wooden lip keeps the sheet goods from sliding off the front of the cart.

wooden lip keeps sheet goods from sliding off cart

Step 2: Attach the Casters and Lip

Use four through bolts to attach each of the two fixed casters to the bottom piece of the cart. Don't use swivel casters, they will make the cart difficult to maneuver. Use hard rubber casters to help slide the cart when turning.
Screw on the lip. The lip shouldn't be larger than 3/4”.

Step 3: Attach the Bottom

Mount the bottom piece to the plywood back. The 3/4” sheet of plywood should be cut to a size small enough to handle, but large enough to support sheet goods.

Step 4: Build and Attach the Kickstand

Build the kickstand mount. Make an L-shaped stop out of wood, then attach a door hinge to the back (Image 1).

Note: Make sure to use screws long enough to secure the hinge.

Attach the kickstand post to the L-shaped stop using two or more brackets (Image 2). The post should be tight against the lip of the stop because that's where the downward pressure of the cart will be focused.

Attach the kickstand mount to the back of the plywood. Screw the handle in place.