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How to Build a Sandbox

Build a sturdy sandbox for the kids in no time at all.

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a sandbox is easy to build and fun for kids
  • Time

    2 hours

  • Price Range

    $50 - $100

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Build the Sandbox Frame

Determine the desired size of the sandbox. Cut the four sides from 2" x 10" boards. Drill pilot holes at each corner and fasten boards with 3" galvanized decking screws. To prevent the boards from warping outward, make sure the natural curve of each board faces into the sandbox.

avoid warp by facing curved sides of boards inward

Courtesy of Cary Wiedman

Step 2: Cut Out the Bottom and the Cover

Cut two pieces of pressure-treated plywood that match the outside dimensions of the sandbox. Attach one of the pieces to the bottom of the box with 3” screws. Reserve the other piece to be used as a sandbox cover.

cut wood to match dimensions of box and attach

Courtesy of Cary Wiedman

Step 3: Attach Bottom Braces

Cut three pressure-treated 2" x 2" boards to the length of the sandbox. Attach one at each end and one in the middle to prevent the sandbox from resting directly on the ground.

boards attached to ends and middle to lift box up

Courtesy of Cary Wiedman

Step 4: Attach Corner Braces

Cut four 90-degree triangles from the pressure-treated 2" x 10" boards. Attach one with screws at every corner to provide additional support as well as convenient places to sit.

triangular pieces at corners add support and seats

Courtesy of Cary Wiedman

Step 5: Add Cover Handles and Fill the Sandbox

Drill two holes 6" apart on both sides of the plywood cover. String a length of marine-grade rope through each set of holes, knotting them on the underside to create handles. Fill with kid-safe sand.

second piece of wood for lid and rope for handles

Courtesy of Cary Wiedman