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How to Build a Retractable Kitchen Buffet

Build a retractable buffet in the kitchen to add extra counter space without taking up space.

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Buy Precut Poplar Stock

Buy all the poplar stock precut at 4-foot lengths.

Mark Studs

Using the stud finder and pencil, mark the studs at the desired height and location.

Transfer Stud Locations

Transfer the stud locations on the 1x6-inch poplar plank (used as the ledger).

Countersink Ledger and Spacer

Countersink two holes on the ledger every stud location. Countersink the 1x2-inch poplar (used as the spacer) every eight inches.

Secure Countertop

Secure the spacer and the 1x16 (used as the countertop) using the piano hinge.

Create Supports

Cut the 1x4 poplar stock into two 12-inch lengths to create the supports.

Secure Supports

Secure the supports flush with the top of the ledger using the butterfly hinges 10 inches from either end of the ledger.

Secure Ledger

Secure the ledger to the wall using 2-1/2-inch screws, the countersunk holes and the marked-out studs on the wall.

Secure Spacer to Ledger

With the supports folded in, secure the spacer to the ledger using the 2-1/2-inch screws through the countersunk holes on the spacer. Lift the countertop, and paint or stain if desired.

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