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How to Build a Mud Room

Mud rooms are used to organize clothing and gear for hobbies and sports. Host Fuad Reveiz shows how to construct a mud room.

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constructing a mud room

Step 1: Indicate the Wall Placement

To start construction of the framing, measure 3-3/4" from an existing end wall, and use a long straightedge to mark 6' away from the mark on both sides. Snap chalk lines to indicate placement of the walls. Mark out the sole plates. Mark the stud location 16" on-center.

Step 2: Assemble the First Wall

Cut the lumber and assemble the first wall with a framing nailer before anchoring it to the existing wall.

Step 3: Assemble the Second Wall

Build the second wall the same way, but add framing for the door, as well as a header and some blocking.

Step 4: Secure the Final Wall

The last wall is simpler than the first two, because it just spans the area between the two other walls and has no special features to be measured and cut. Position the final wall and secure it to the other two.

secure the final wall

Step 5: Anchor the Dividers

Plan the dividers for the interior of the room. These dividers will allow separation of clothing and equipment and can house a shelf and clothing rod. Frame the dividers the same as the other walls (image 1), anchoring it to the existing interior wall (image 2). Then anchor it to the concrete floor with masonry screws.

Step 6: Install the Drywall

With the walls framed, use drywall to cover both the inside and outside studs. To save time, the cover the inside walls with beadboard. Finish the outside with joint compound and paint. To install the drywall, start two nails at the edge of a sheet of drywall. Lift the drywall with one hand, sliding it into place, and using the other hand to sink the nails and secure the sheet (image 1). Add the drywall for the long wall and check for plumb and square. Add a long diagonal brace (image 2). Remove the brace once the entire wall is covered by drywall.

Step 7: Clear the Doorway

With the drywall in place, use a rotary tool to remove the drywall from the doorway.

remove drywall from doorway

Step 8: Apply Joint Compound

Apply joint compound to the seams and nail holes on the exterior drywall. On each seam, apply a layer of joint compound, followed by tape and another coat of mud. Use a wide putty knife to smooth the compound after application.

apply joint compound to seams and nail holes

Step 9: Install the Corner Bead

Use a corner bead tool to help install the corner bead (image 1). Add a few screws to hold the piece in place on the outer wall corners, and apply a layer of joint compound to the full length of the corner bead (image 2).

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