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How to Build a Horseshoe Pit (page 3 of 3)

Horseshoes is a classic game that is fun for the whole family. Learn how to build a permanent pit in your backyard.

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Assemble the Platforms to Backboard

Move all the pieces the installation spot.

Lay one of 4x4s with the backboard standing up on ground. Measure 48 feet and place the other 4x4 and backboard.

Set the pitching platforms against the 4x4s, then screw then together using 3" screws.

Lay the deck boards onto the platform frames. Line up two on the outsides and then center the last, there will be gaps between them. Use 1-5/8" screws to fasten the deck boards to the frame.

Set the Structures in the Ground

Double check the 48-foot measurement, this is inside to inside of the backboard.

Take a long string and run it against the side of a pitching platform all the way to the opposite pitching platform. The sides should line up square.

When the platform is in place, spray paint completely around the edges for a reference (image 1). Move the structures to the side then remove the sod from the area; add more soil if needed to make the area level. Add some extra soil where sand pit will be. Put the structure back into place and check for levelness.

The stake needs to be 48 inches in front of the backboard, and centered in between both pitching platforms, stand 15 inches tall and tilt slightly forward. Dig hole to set bucket, go as deep as you need to get to 15-inch height (image 2). If you have extra concrete, pour it dry around the bucket before backfilling with dirt.

We placed a cap on the top of stake for safety reasons. Fill the pit with play sand and start playing.

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