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How to Build a Grill Cart

The experts at DIY Network provide instructions to build a grill cart for storage of all grilling necessities.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Determine the Size and Materials

Choose dimensions to fit your space and cut the shelf boards and legs. Standard counter height is 36 inches, but the cart should be tall or short enough to be a comfortable workspace for you. Don’t forget to allow 3 inches for the casters.

Cedar boards are durable, weather-resistant and chemical-free, all of which make them a good choice for an outdoor cooking area.

Step 3: Make a Handle

To make the handle, extend the side pieces and cut out a semicircle. Then drill a one-inch stopped hole for a dowel.

Step 4: Complete the Project

Secure the end and side pieces and attach them beginning with the top, The cleats, top and bottom, will hold the shelf boards in place. Two of the bottom boards should be notched to fit the legs. Add the casters then stain the entire piece.

Then attach some hooks to hang utensils. Attach some wire baskets for utensils and a dowel rods for towels. A metal trivet will protect the wood from things hot off the grill.