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How to Build a Gazebo

A backyard gazebo is the perfect spot for parties and other social gatherings.

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  • Time

    Several Weekends

  • Price Range

    $2,500 - $5,000

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Place Posts in the Ground

Mark the deck area and where the posts will go using landscape marking paint. Remove plants from that area, and use a posthole auger to dig 30 inches into the ground for the posts (Image 1). After placing the pressure-treated posts into the ground, they fill the holes with quick-setting concrete mix and water (Image 2)

Step 2: Install the Deck Flooring

Next, connect the posts with the cedar planks using decking screws, and make sure that the frame is level (Image 1). When cutting boards to fit, make sure to always wear safety goggles and gloves. A naturally weather-resistant wood such as cedar is both functional and attractive.

Support the deck's framing with enough joists in the center and add a center post and cross supports. Secure the cedar planks to the frame using deck screws (Image 2).

Step 3: Assemble the Gazebo

Now that the deck flooring is complete, it's time to assemble the gazebo and attach it to the flooring. Buying a gazebo kit makes the construction much easier. The manufacturer's instructions are already included, and many gazebo styles also come with their own flooring.

Fit the tongue and groove boards together to build the walls (Image 1), securing them with screws. Then assemble the roof and add the shingles (Image 2). Secure the gazebo to the floor boards with screws. Finally, add steps to connect the yard to the gazebo (Image 3).



  • Tools from Porter-Cable Corporation
  • Iron-Clad Gloves

  • Tools from Porter-Cable Corporation