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How to Build a Garage Closet

Host Karl Champley shows how to add storage to a garage by building a closet.

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Step 1: Create a Scale Drawing

The framing for the closet consists of a rectangular bottom plate attached to the concrete floor, and a matching top plate attached to the ceiling joists and studs. Create a scale drawing of the piece, and use that drawing as a guide when cutting the lumber.

Tip: If the garage floor is concrete and comes in contact with the ground, use pressure-treated lumber for the bottom plate. This will help prevent water damage from moisture that comes up through the concrete. Wood that doesn't come in contact with the concrete doesn't need to be pressure-treated.

Step 2: Cut the Lumber

Using a miter saw, cut the lumber for the closet frame, according to the plan measurements.

Step 3: Lay Out the Framing

Lay out the framing (Image 1). Use 2x4 studs, and leave a large gap between the studs in one wall to accomodate a door (Image 2).

Tip: Lumber varies in thickness, so it's important to always keep one side flush. The flush side of each "wall" of the frame will face toward the outside when the closet is assembled to give a flat surface for the siding.

Step 4: Assemble the Walls

Lay out the pieces for one wall of the closet and assemble it using a nail gun. Lay out and assemble the remaining walls of the closet.

Step 5: Position the First Wall

Position the first wall, making sure to keep the pressure-treated lumber on the sides that come in contact with the concrete. The wall should fit snugly between the ceiling joists and the floor. Use a hammer to tap it into position.

Step 6: Secure the Bottom of the Frame

Use concrete nails to secure the bottom of the wall frame to the concrete floor. Secure it to the block wall of the garage with anchors. Install the other wall frames in the same manner, keeping the flush side of the frame to the outside. In addition to securing the frames to the floor and walls, also nail them to each other at the corners.

Tip: When driving anchors into the wall, always go into the center of the blocks. The joints may not provide enough support.

Step 7: Cut the Bottom of the Frame

When installing the door, they will go on the wall frame that has a gap. Use a reciprocating saw to cut out the bottom of the frame where the door will go.

Step 8: Build Two Frames

Measure the space for the doors and build two frames from 2x4 lumber to fit side by side in that space.

Step 9: Prepare the Siding

Use an orbital sander to prepare the siding for installation.

Step 10: Attach the T-111 Siding

Cut the T-111 siding to fit, and use a nail gun to attach it around the exterior of the closet and to the door frames.

Step 11: Attach the Doors

Install hinges on the doors with screws and a screwdriver. To attach the doors more easily, prop them up on wood blocks while screwing the hinges into the wall frame. Prime and paint the piece to match the garage walls.

Tip: Remember that the rounded barrel of the hinge goes on the outside for a door that opens outward.