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How to Build a Freestanding Rose Trellis

This rose trellis can be moved around the garden to best suit your needs.

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  • Time

    2 hours

  • Price Range

    $50 - $100

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Cut and Construct the Planter Box Base

First create two identical open-bottomed boxes. Cut four pieces of 1" x 6" pressure-treated lumber, each the desired width of the completed trellis. These will make up the faces of the planter box. Cut four pieces of 1" x 6" pressure-treated lumber, each the desired depth of the completed trellis planter. These will make up the sides of the planter box.

Assemble each box by fastening two faces and two sides together with 2” galvanized screws. Stack one box on top of the other. Secure the boxes together by placing a 2" x 2" x 12” board in each corner and securing it to the box sides with 2” galvanized screws.

secure boxes together with boards and screws

Step 2: Cut and Finish the Lattice Panel

Cut a piece of cedar lattice material to match the width of the planter box, making sure to account for width of lattice molding to be added next. The lattice height should no more than twice its width. Attach mitered lattice molding to panel using 1” galvanized deck screws to give the lattice a finished look.

Step 3: Cut Support Posts

Cut two 2” x 2” boards the length of the lattice panel plus 18”. This allows these support posts to extend to the base of planter while still retaining a 6” gap between the top of the planter box and the bottom of the lattice.

Step 4: Attach the Posts

Attach these posts to outside edge of finished lattice panel with 3” galvanized screws, making sure the tops are flush with lattice panel top. Affix bottom ends of posts to exterior of planter box with 3” galvanized screws, making sure the bottom ends are flush with planter bottom and that the posts are centered on the box sides.

lattice slides into channels and secured