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How to Build a Floating Deck on a Balcony

Make better use of an exit off a second story bedroom by building a floating deck in the form of a Juliet balcony.

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building a floating deck

Step 1: Construct the Frame

Construct the frame for the balcony using 2x6 foot planks, set 16 inches on center. It's important to keep the boards flush along the top edge to maintain a level surface.

construct frame for balcony

Step 2: Level the Floor

Since a slope on the roof was created, the floor of the new balcony is not level. Using a couple of floor planks as shims, slide them underneath the frame until it's level. Drive in a few screws to hold them into place.

leveling the floor

Step 3: Attach the Assembly

The final step before laying the floor is to attach the assembly to the house.

attach assembly to house

Step 4: Secure the Floor Planks

Run the floor planks the opposite direction from the joists, securing them in place as you go with two screws into each joist. When laying planks, make sure to leave a slight gap between each one to allow the water to run through the balcony and off the deck.

secure floor planks in place

Step 5: Start the Rails

Once the foundation of the deck is complete, start the rails. To start, attach a bracket directly to the deck's surface.

start the deck rails

Step 6: Thread the Support Pole

Next, hand thread the support pole into a nut located in the center of the bracket.

thread support pole in center of bracket

Step 7: Secure the Posts

Once the bottom trim is in place, simply add a post and secure it with a top bracket. Tightening the top bracket forces the post to anchor securely to the deck.

secure post with top bracket

Step 8: Build the Balustrade

To build the balustrade, start by measuring every six inches along both the bottom and top rails where the balusters will go. Using a hand drill, create holes for inserting the posts. Put the posts into position and glue them in for a secure fit.

building the balustrade

Step 9: Complete the Project

Once the glue dries, they're ready to be attached to the new balcony.

attach new rails to balcony

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