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How to Build a Fireplace Mantel Headboard (page 3 of 3)

Create a charming headboard by pairing a careworn fireplace mantel with a tufted upholstery backing.

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Step 7: Transformation Into a Headboard

Insert the panel into the frame and affix using small head finish screws or nails. Hide the nail/screw heads inside the fabric or screw the plywood panel from the back.

Builder's Tip: A 16-gauge finish nailer can be used to connect the panel to the mantel frame. This approach will hide the nail heads. Be certain the length of finish nail does not go through the back.

Step 8: Mount the Headboard

To determine the location of the bottom Z cleat on the wall, raise or lower the headboard to the chosen height of the finished project. Holding the headboard steady, measure the distance from the floor to the top of the headboard. Use a pencil to mark this height measurement on the wall where the top of the headboard will be located. Measure down from the top of the headboard to the Z cleat in the back. Transfer this measurement onto the wall by locating the headboard height mark on the wall, measuring down from this wall mark to the bottom Z cleat location and, using a level, drawing a line for the bottom Z cleat attachment. Locate the wall studs and screw the bottom Z cleat to the wall. Be careful not to secure the Z cleat into the wall by drilling into electrical wiring or plumbing.

Lift the headboard onto the Z cleat. Confirm that the mantel shelf is level. If not, make the minor adjustment to the wall Z cleat. With the headboard mounted, move the box spring and mattress into place.

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