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How to Build a Dog Run With Attached Doghouse (page 8 of 8)

Have a rambunctious pup, but you don't have a fenced-in yard? Then a doghouse with an all-in-one outdoor run may be a good option for your furry loved one.

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Add Trim and Roofing

Position the Front Siding Trim flush with the top edge of the Front Siding Panels and attach to the front Roof Rafter using 1-5/8-inch screws.

Position the House Door Side Trim flush with the outside edge of the door opening, and the House Door Top Trim centered across and flush against the ends of the side trim. Attach using 1-5/8-inch screws (Image 1).

Position the Roof Sheathing so the edges meet at the peak of the Roof Rafters as shown in Image 14, and attach using 2-1/2-inch screws (Image 2).

Cut the roof felt to fit, making sure the pieces overlap across the roof sheathing, and attach to the roof sheathing using either roofing nails or galvanized staples. Attach shingles to the roof using roofing nails and roofing cement as needed.

Create ridge shingles from cutoff shingle tabs and apply using roofing nails and roofing cement as needed. If you are unfamiliar with installing shingles, check out our guide here (Image 3).

Add the Pergola Rafters

Use the cutting diagram as a guide for the parts in this section of the instructions (Image 1).

Use the layout as a guide for cutting the Pergola Rafters (Image 2).

Position the Pergola Rafters, adjust the rafters as needed until they are in the desired position (Image 3).

Attach them to the Side Top Rails using 4-inch screws to stabilize them. Drill countersunk pilot holes for the screws (Image 4).

Add the Final Touches

Apply silicone caulk to all seams where the siding meets the panel assemblies and where the Filler Strip meets the back Roof Rafter. Do a final check to make sure all cut wire fencing edges are covered and will not be exposed (Images 1-3).

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