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How to Build a Dog Run With Attached Doghouse (page 6 of 8)

Have a rambunctious pup, but you don't have a fenced-in yard? Then a doghouse with an all-in-one outdoor run may be a good option for your furry loved one.

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Attach the Front

Remove the Front Top Trim and Door Stop from the Front Assembly.

Position the Front Assembly flush with the bottom end and outside edges of the Front Posts (Image 1).

Clamp the assembly in place (Images 2 and 3).

Attach the assembly to the Front Posts using 2-1/2-inch pocket-hole screws. Also attach the Narrow Front Stiles to the Front Posts using 2-1/2-inch screws. Drill countersunk pilot holes for the screws (Image 4).

Re-attach the Front Top Trim and Door Stop. Position the Door Assembly centered within the opening of the Front Assembly, roughly 1 inch from each side and the top and bottom. Use shims and a helper to assist (Image 5).

Attach the Door Assembly to the Front Assembly using 4-inch strap hinges (Image 6). Attach a slide action gate bolt to the Front Assembly and Door Assembly. Finally, attach a door pull to the Door Assembly

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