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How to Build a Deck for a Hot Tub

Learn how to build a deck that will hold a hot tub.

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  • Time

    Several Weekends

  • Price Range

    $1,000 - $2,500

  • Difficulty

    Moderate to Hard


Step 1: Build a Retaining Wall

Start by removing dead brush around the area of the new deck. Measure out the 12- by 12-foot area and mark it with landscape marking paint. Build a small retaining wall using 6x6 timbers to hold in the gravel base. Using a spade, dig a narrow trench for the timbers. Place the first course of timbers in the trench and make sure it's level. The timbers are secured in the ground by drilling holes and hammering rebar timber spikes through them (Image 1). The trench is backfilled around the timbers, and three more courses of timbers are added on top (Image 2) and secured with timber spikes.

Step 2: Establish the Base

Next, pack down the dirt base with a plate compactor. Bring in a layer of gravel as the second base and go over it with the plate compactor.

Step 3: Add the Pedestals

After the base is done, it's time to lay out the deck supports, or pedestals (Images 1 and 2) to map out the area of the new deck. Check that the pedestals are level and then place the decking tiles on top and secure them with screws (Image 3). For additional deck support, place a pedestal under the center of each tile, or under any section that will be used more than another. Screw a spacer board to the outer framing of the deck pedestals to keep the area flush for a facia board. Cedar is used for the spacer and facia boards to accent the Ipe decking tiles. Finally, add cedar steps (Image 4) to connect the new deck to the old patio.




  • Tools from Porter-Cable Corporation
  • Iron-Clad Gloves

  • Tools from Porter-Cable Corporation