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How to Build a Bridge for a Tree Fort

Add an adventure bridge to a tree fort for more excitement.

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building a tree fort from a kit

Step 1: Attach the Ledger Boards

Attach 2 x 6 ledger boards to the corner posts of the tree fort.

attach ledger boards

Step 2: Drill Holes in the Boards

Use 2 x 4 blocks to flush the board with the angle brace. Use clamps to hold it temporarily in place. Use a heavy-duty 1/2" hammer drill with a long auger bit to drill the holes.

drill holes in boards

Step 3: Attach the Board to the Tree

To attach the 4 x 6 ledger board to tree , first make sure it will be level. Stretch the board from the tree fort to the tree, level the board and make a mark with a hammer and prybar on the tree where the top of the ledger board needs to go. Pre-drill holes in the tree. Attach the board to the tree using 10" galvanized lag screws.

attach ledger board to tree

Step 4: Smooth Any Rough Edges

Lift the 4 x 6 bridge spans into place, and sue a router or belt sander to smooth any rough edges on the lumber.

Step 5: Secure the Beams

Secure the beams to the tree fort with carriage bolts.

Step 6: Attach the Planks

Rough cut the planks to go across the bridge. Leave the planks uneven for the classic "treehouse" look. Attach planks to bridge spans.

rough cut planks to go across bridge

Step 7: Secure the Rail and Ladder

Secure the ladder to the bridge with lag screws. Attach the rope rail from the tree fort to the tree for extra security.