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How to Build a Bed Canopy

A simple ceiling box and flowing canopy add an elegant touch to any bedroom.

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Step 1: Watch an Overview Video

Step 2: Assemble a Frame

Your local home improvement store has the tools you’ll need to build a crown molding bed canopy. Once you’ve determined the dimensions of your ceiling box, you’ll need to locate and mark the location of the joists and assemble a frame for the canopy out of 1x4 pine wood.

It’s easier to paint or stain the molding before you install it. Once everything is in place, use wood putty to fill the nail holes. When it’s dry, you can touch up the paint and then caulk.

Step 3: Secure the Box to the Ceiling

When putting up crown molding, make sure the nails are secured into the studs. Pre-drilling a hole will keep the wood from splitting and make it easier to start the nail. Once the nail is most of the way in, use a nail set to drive it slightly below the surface.

Where there’s no joist, toggle bolts will be needed to secure the box to the ceiling. Fabric cut to the desired length is attached to the back and the sides with a heavy-duty stapler. Creating pleats as you staple gives it a fuller look. Staple the fabric or netting to the outside of the boards. If you wish, you can let the fabric drape down in the middle.

Step 4: Add a Decorative Valance

Next comes a decorative valance stapled across the bottom edge. Mitering the crown molding gives the ceiling box professional corners. If your bed is against the wall and you’re matching into the existing crown molding, you’ll need to create an inside corner using a coping saw. To do so, miter the adjoining piece at a 45-degree angle. Then, cope along the cut line on the face of the mitered molding, sawing perpendicular to the length of the piece.

Step 5: Cover the Seams With Edging

Edging is used to cover the seams and add a nice finishing touch.