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How to Beautify a Landscape

With a little thought and time, the right plant in the right place can work wonders. Follow these basic tips and you're well on the way to beautifying your landscape.

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landscaping includes healthy plants and soil


Step 1: Choose Plants

Healthy plants -- and a striking landscape or garden -- start with healthy soil. To support vigorous plant life your soil must contain the proper balance of nutrients and minerals -- and provide adequate drainage. If it needs it add compost or other organic mixtures to make your soil rich, balanced and ready for planting.

To get started on your landscaping, the first and most important step is to decide what kind of plants you want and then to put together a master plan of how everything lays out.

Step 2: Put the Plan on Paper

Put your plan on paper so you have a unified vision. Without one your landscape may look piecemeal. Focus on the most important project first -- maybe a highly visible part of your property such as a driveway or doorway.

Another way to go is to design your landscaping around another feature in the yard -- such as an arbor, wall, fence or patio.

create a blueprint as a guide for landscaping

Step 3: Account for the Climate

Select plants that naturally do well with your climate and rainfall. Make sure the location fits the plant you choose when it comes to sun. If a plant needs full sun don't put it in partial shade -- and vice versa.

consider climate and rainfall when choosing plants

Step 4: Spread the Plants Out

Don't over-plant or plant too closely together. Plants grow -- some quickly -- and the space will come in handy and look better as well. Lastly, take note of views you may want to obscure or focal points you may want to create or accentuate.

leave enough space for plants to grow and spread