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How to Attach Seat Buckets to Dining Room Chairs

Learn how to finish constructing a dining room chair by adding the seat bucket.

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adding seat bucket
  • Time

    30 Minutes

  • Price Range

    $1 - $50

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Clamp the Seat to the Chair

The last step to complete the chair assembly is attaching the seat bucket. It will be glued on. Center the seat bucket onto the brackets and clamp it to the bracket to hold it in place. Use a couple of the extra brackets that were water-jet cut to use as cauls. Cauls are used to distribute even pressure when clamping. Repeat the process on the back of the seat bucket.

clamp seat to chair

Step 2: Glue the Seat In Place

Once it is in place, lift the front of the seat up, apply some glue to the bracket, and re-clamp the seat down. Move on to the back of the chair. Apply the glue, line up the seat bucket, and clamp it down. The chair should dry for about 24 hours before anyone sits on it.

apply glue to bracket




  • Slatwall garage organizational system from Gladiator Garageworks by Whirlpool