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How to Assemble Modular Storage Units

Learn how to organize your garage by building these modular storage units.

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finished modular cabinets in garage

Step 1: Assemble the Sides and Shelves

Lay out the panels and hardware that come with the unit (Image 1).

Put in the cam screws along the bottom, middle and top. Insert cam locks into the holes pre-drilled in the shelves. Turn the lock until the arrow points directly toward the cam screw (Image 2).

Put the panels together using the cam screws.

Repeat the process until all sides and shelves are connected.

modular units locked by cam and lock system

Step 2: Attach Support Brackets

Flip the cabinet over, mark the spot for cleat pilot holes and drill with 1/8" bit.

Snug cleat under the rear of the shelf and attach using #8 (2") screws (Image 1).

Flip the cabinet back over and attach two steel support brackets into the upper corners (Image 2). This gives the unit more lateral stability.

Step 3: Install Metal Legs and Stabilizer

Screw in the adjustable metal legs (Image 1).

Tip: It's important to use adjustable legs when installing cabinets in a garage because of uneven floors and moisture. You want to be able to keep the cabinets "off" the floor.

Install an aluminum leg stabilizer along the front edge of each shelf. These will help prevent the shelving from sagging and protect the edges from damage.

Adjust the legs to get the cabinet level.

metal legs and stabilizer keep cabinet off floor

Step 4: Secure the Cabinet

Attach the cabinet through cleats into studs in the wall with screws that go at least 1" into the studs. This will make the cabinet as secure as possible.

Step 5: Attach Doors and Adjustable Shelves

Put in adjustable shelves that rest on pins inserted into the pre-drilled holes.

Attach hinges and put the doors on. The hinges come in two parts: one part goes on the door and the other goes right on the cabinet.

attach hinges and put on the doors

Step 6: Assemble a Base Cabinet with a Drawer

Next, utilize a base cabinet with a drawer (Image 1) on the side of the large modular unit.

Screw the side bracket onto the side panel. Attach the slide to the brackets.

Before the drawer goes in, attach the cabinet to the wall and drive a couple of screws into the next cabinet as well for stability.

For the drawer, attach one metal side to the 5/8" thick bottom with screws — repeat on the other side.

Attach the back of the drawer to the bottom.

The front attaches by using two brackets that fit over the front edge (Image 2). Screw into place. Add the handles.

Step 7: Install the Hanging Cabinets

Level the rail and screw directly into the studs. Attach the rail so the top will be level with the other cabinets. Hang the cabinet onto the rail.

Install the rest of the cabinets.

Place the maple work surface over the two base cabinets. Screw it in place with a few screws underneath.