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How to Assemble a Temporary Shower Kit

Host Amy Matthews helps the homeowners assemble a temporary shower kit in their basement.

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Step 1: Assemble the Walls

The shower kit should come with a pan and three walls. Set the pan away from the wall to give plenty of room to assemble the unit (Image 1). Lay the sidewall down flat, and bring in the back wall to attach them. The corner piece has a channel that the back will snap into with just a little bit of effort (Image 2). Once it's assembled, lift it into place to attach the third wall (Image 3). The center support railing attaches to all three walls, and keeps the shower upright. It also acts as a handrail and soap holder (Image 4).

Step 2: Attach the Railing and Top Rail

Attach the railing to the wall with small bolts and nuts. Set the top rail and then attach it to the walls with pan head screws.

attach railing to wall

Step 3: Secure the Drain Pipe

Have a shower tree ahead of time. It consists of hot and cold valves, and a pipe leading to the showerhead. Position the drain pipe over the floor drain in the basement.

secure drain pipe

Step 4: Attach the Water Supply Lines

Have a plumber run a hot and cold water supply line. With a strip of plumber's tape and the help of a channel lock and adjustable wrench, attach the lines to the shower valves.

attach supply lines to shower valves