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How to Assemble a Pergola From a Kit

Cedar-wood pergola kits come with all necessary hardware and fasteners, making assembly an easy DIY project. Follow these instructions to beautify your outdoor space with the addition of a pergola.

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    $500 - $1,000

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    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Assemble the Pergola Sides

To build the first side of the pergola, join two 4" x 4" posts and one 2" x 6" board with included carriage bolts and washers. A carriage bolt has a rounded head that, when tapped into place, secures against turning. Repeat for other side of pergola.

build first side of pergola

Step 2: Complete the Frame

Join the pergola ends to side rails by carefully standing completed sections upright and joining with carriage bolts. This is a multi-person job. If the holes do not line up evenly when trying to assemble, lightly loosen other carriage bolts until the bolts can be inserted through the posts. Then tighten all bolts.

join pergola ends to side rails

Step 3: Attach Decorative Extensions

Once the frame of the pergola is constructed, it is time to add the decorative extensions. The long wedge-shaped extensions are attached to the 4" x 4" posts with carriage bolts through pre-drilled holes.

add decorative extensions to pergola frame

Step 4: Attach the Slats

Use the spacers provided with the kit to determine the placement of the roof slats. Secure the spacers with 2" brass screws and grommets. Drill pilot holes first to prevent the wood from splitting. Secure the slats to the pergola using lag bolts.

secure slats to pergola using lag bolts

Step 5: Position and Secure the Pergola

With the pergola constructed, determine its placement on the concrete patio. Mark the position for the post anchors with chalk. Use a 1/2" two-speed hammer drill to pre-drill the holes for the bolts using the bracket as your guide. Vacuum the dust away. Set the bracket into place and use an impact wrench to drive in the masonry bolt. Set the pergola posts in the bracket and secure with lag bolts.