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How to Apply Paint Using a Wall Troweling Technique

A sitting room gets a natural, sun-aged look by applying different shades of tan paint using a variety of painting trowels, from DIY Network.

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apply paint using wall troweling technique
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Step 1: Apply the Base Coat

Apply the base coat of Bridgewater Tan paint on the walls.

apply base coat of paint on walls

Step 2: Use a Variety of Trowels

To create the look of old, faded adobe walls, apply the paint using a variety of trowels (Image 1 and 2).

The process of troweling paint is basically goof-proof. Use a spatula to apply a thin line of paint along the edge of the trowel: small amounts of paint are easier to control as the paint is applied to the walls.

Paint Colors: (Benjamin Moore Rosemary Green 2029-30)
(Benjamin Moore (Mink 2112-10)

Step 3: Pull the Trowel Down the Wall

Apply the second layer of paint, Powell Buff, over the tan walls; lighter in color, it will complement the open, warm look of the new walls. The paint is applied to the wall by simply pulling the trowel down the wall surface. The force with which the trowel is pushed against the wall determines how much paint is spread with each stroke. For a natural, sun-aged look, at least 80 percent of the wall should be covered with troweled-on paint.

It's easier to add on than take away paint: just keep troweling and adding thin layers of paint until the perfect look is achieved (Image 1 and 2).

Step 4: Apply the Translucent Flat Wax

The final step involves the application of a translucent flat wax over the paint to achieve a lustrous finish to the paint and highlight the wall texture. The wax is first tinted with Mystic Gold paint before being loaded on a trowel in small amounts just as the paint was previously loaded (Image 1 and 2).

The wax is applied to the walls much like a cake is frosted. The trowel is first pulled down the wall to apply the wax (Image 3 and 4), then run horizontally across the vertical stripe to spread the wax across the wall.

Paint color: Benjamin Moore Mystic Gold