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How to Apply Faux Stone Wall Paneling

Create a focal wall in the kitchen with faux stone paneling.

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Measure Wall Area

Using your tape measure, measure the wall area you will be working with to determine how many panels you need.

Measure and Mark Wall Studs

Measure and mark out all the wall studs with a level.

Make Trim Pieces

If you're around a doorway, make trim pieces to cover the edges of the panels that will be exposed. Measure and cut strips of wood and install them using construction adhesive and nails.

Cut First Piece

Determine where you want to start. With a jig saw, utility knife or circular saw, cut off the first piece so you can start with a nice, even row.

Attach Panels to Wall

Apply construction adhesive on the back of the panel (image 1), and attach it to the wall (image 2).

Secure Wall Panels

For extra hold, screw in a 2-inch wood screw into the wall stud to help keep the panel in place (image 1). Continue this process along the first row (image 2).

Measure Receptacles

When you get to a receptacle, measure the distance and transfer those measurements onto the appropriate piece. Continue this complete process until you get to the last row.

Complete the Top Row

For this row, measure the height you will need for the panels. Transfer your measurement onto the panel and cut this piece with a table saw (image 1). Do this to the complete top row (image 2).

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