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How to Finish Embossed Wallpaper With Glaze

Follow these-step-by-step instructions to add a rubbed-glaze finish to embossed wallpaper.

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Step 1: Prepare the Wallpaper for Glazing

To prepare the surface for glazing, hang the wallpaper, apply one coat of paint and let it dry.

Step 2: Fill in the Crevices

Brush the runny glaze on the embossed surface with a paintbrush, applying enough to fill all the crevices in the design. Then, squeeze a rag into a messy ball with no flat edges and gently press it against the glazed surface to remove the excess.

Step 3: Run Glaze Along Raised Surfaces

Carefully run a clean section of the rag along the raised areas to reveal more of the embossed surface. Try not to remove any glaze from the flat spots.

For painted portions of the wall (as in this example where only the border is embossed), brush on the same glaze and remove the excess by dragging a dry brush over the surface. Allow the glaze to dry.

Step 4: Apply Antiquing Glaze

Apply antiquing glaze with a big brush and press a clean, balled-up rag on the surface to blend the glaze and remove the excess.