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How To Apply a Fresco Blend Technique to Walls

Learn how to add dimension to a wall with this painting technique.

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apply fresco blend technique to walls
  • Time

    Two Days

  • Price Range

    $50 - $100

  • Difficulty



Step 1: Mix the Paint and Glaze

Line up the cans of glaze and paint and have a wallpapering trough handy -- you're going to pour all the paint in the same time, in separate puddles. Starting at one end with the glaze, pour a generous amount into the trough, then add a puddle of each color in order (dark, medium and light). They will touch at the edges but not mix into one another.

Step 2: Brush the Mixture onto the Walls

Dip the bristles of a 4" brush into the glaze, then into the successive puddles. Drape an old ironing board with a drop cloth and set the trough on it -- you can adjust the height so it's right for you. Apply the glaze and paint to the wall in an X-shaped motion; the colors will blend and the glaze will keep the paint workable for a while. Be careful not to overwork the colors. When you like the way they look on the wall, move on to another section. Keep applying the paint to the walls, adjusting the color as necessary (if you get too much of one color, you can always go back and soften it with the addition of another). The glaze will allow you enough working time to get the tone blended until it's perfect, and it will also impart a sheen to the finished walls.

Step 3: Apply a Second Coat

After the paint has completely dried, apply a second coat in the same manner. Be sure to brush the colors all the way to the taped-off areas -- you don't want a line at the moldings. With this technique, you can't really go back later and touch up spots you've missed.