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How To Add Wall and Rug Decorations to a Room

This room's wall color gets some added depth, and the existing rug gets a paint facelift.

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add wall and rug decorations to a room
  • Time


  • Price Range

    $100 - $250

  • Difficulty

    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Apply glaze/paint mixture to the walls

Tape off the freshly painted trim. Clear glaze is mixed with Iridescent Bronze acrylic paint and rolled over the walls in sections.

Step 2: Add texture with steel wool

While the paint is wet, a rough grade of steel wool is pulled vertically through the glaze, creating striations in the glaze. Uses two hands to pull the steel wool through the paint, leaving a small strip of glaze on one side; it will overlap and blend with the next section of glaze.

Step 3: Paint the rug outside

The sisal rug is taken outside for painting and placed over a tarp. Sisal is a porous, absorbent material; it will absorb quite a bit of Weekend Getaway floor and patio paint and require ample drying time. Two coats of paint are rolled on the rug. Note: Expect possible variations in color saturation over the surface of the rug.

paint sisal rug outside

Step 4: Add freehand paint embellishments

When the paint is dry, paint random freehand paisley designs over the rug, using Mink and Mozart Blue.