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How to add Venetian Plaster to a Wall

Give your room a sophisticated style by applying a Venetian plaster technique to the walls. A Venetian plaster technique can be used to add a decorative accent to walls or to cover walls with cracks or imperfections.

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Step 1: Apply the First Coat of Plaster

  • First, prepare the room by taping around all the molding, mirrors and ceiling.

  • Wearing gloves, use the small trowel or putty knife to apply plaster to a section of wall.

  • Apply a thin layer of plaster with a small trowel or putty knife. Smooth it with a large trowel and let it dry. The layer should be very thin; remember that this process involves building up layers of plaster, and for the first layer it needs to be thin and smooth. Avoid any bulging or clumping at this step.

  • Let the plaster dry completely -- it must be very dry between steps.

    use  small trowel or putty knife to apply plaster

Step 2: Apply the Second Coat of Plaster

  • Once again using the small trowel, begin applying a second thin coat of plaster, working in x-shaped motions and leaving the walls textured, not smooth. Let it dry completely.

    apply a second thin coat of plaster

Step 3: Apply the Final layer of Plaster

  • With the large trowel, apply a final thin layer of plaster, smoothing it over the second layer. It will help fill in the surface while maintaining the texture.
    Finally, smooth the layers with the large trowel.

  • When the third layer has dried completely, use a hand sander and 100-grit sandpaper to sand the wall in an up-and-down motion. Use a very light touch, just enough pressure to polish the top coat. You should start to see a slight variation in the sheen of the plaster.

    Safety tip: Wear a dust mask and eye protection when using a sander.

    apply final thin layer of plaster for texture