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How to Add Trim and Paint a Media Wall

Some paint and trim add a nice finishing touch to a home media room. Host Fuad Reveiz shows how to paint and trim a media wall.

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Step 1: Apply Joint Compound

Apply a coat of joint compound (also called drywall mud). Quick-drying compound is best, since it only takes about an hour of drying time between coats.

Step 2: Cut the Trim

While the mud dries, measure 1 x 6 trim, which will surround the upper TV openings. Transfer these measurements to the wood and cut it with the miter saw.

Step 3: Position the Corners

Use biscuits to join the mitered corners of the trim together. Position the trim corners and lay out biscuits for the best placement (image 1). Draw a line across both pieces of the trim corner for consistency (image 2).

Step 4: Cut Slots

Use a biscuit joiner to cut some slots. Apply carpenter's glue to the slots and the biscuits. Slip the biscuits into the slots, and press them together. For additional strength, nail the corners.

use biscuit joiner to cut slots

Step 5: Add Blackband Molding

Add backband molding to dress up the edges and complete the frames.

add backband molding

Step 6: Nail the Trim in Place

On the plasma TV opening, simply cut and nail the trim into place directly onto the media wall.

nail the trim into place

Step 7: Apply More Joint Compound

Apply and sand the second coat of joint compound, and wipe away the residue. Apply a final coat.

apply additional joint compound

Step 8: Add a Component Box

Add a component box to the lower opening, making sure it's flush with the surrounding wall. Pre-drill the holes, and secure them with screws. Place the screws about every 6-8" all the way around.

Step 9: Add Trim to the Box

Cut and nail the trim around the component box before nailing baseboards back into place.

cut and nail the trim around component box

Step 10: Apply Caulk and Paint

Use caulk to seal the seams. Nail holes and ensure a smooth look by applying paint.

Step 11: Paint the Trim

Sand the third coat of joint compound, remove the residue, and paint the trim.

sand third coat of joint compound