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How to Add Trim and Cabinet Doors

Learn how to add hanging cabinet doors on a recessed shelf with these easy step-by-step directions.

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add hanging cabinet doors
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    $50 - $100

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    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Add Trim

Sand the final coat of joint compound using a soft sanding block (Image 1).

Measure and cut 1" x 4" trim for the shelves and tank openings. Nail into place (Image 2).

Make sure the trim for the aquarium opening will hide any black banding at the bottom of the tank (Image 3), then nail in place (Image 4).

Add side trim around book shelves. To give trim edges a finished appearance, add back banding if desired.

Step 2: Create the Cabinet Doors

To create cabinet doors for the area above the aquarium, first measure the area. In this example, the area measures 25" tall and 16-1/8" wide.

Cut 2 x 4s to the lengths needed. Draw a pencil line across each 45-degree angle.

Use a biscuit joiner to cut a slots where the frame will connect at the corners. Add glue to each groove, then insert the biscuits.

Make sure corners are aligned before securing with a trim nailer

add glue to each groove, then insert biscuits

Step 3: Customize Doors and Hang Them

A decorative router bit can be used to add interest to the inside edges of each door frame (Image 1). Route the outer edges as desired.

Flip the frame over and attach a piece of 1/4" plywood into the inside groove.

Sand corners to remove rough spots, then install "L" brackets on which the doors will rest. These will also hide the top band of the tank.

Remove the tank, then attach hinges to the doors and hang (Image 2).

Add new trim as needed. Spackle nail holes and caulk seams.

Remove the doors and paint. Paint all trim and the surrounding wall area