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How to Add Touches to an Outdoor Waterfall

Transform an ordinary outdoor waterfall into an aquatic paradise.

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  • Price Range

    $250 - $500

  • Difficulty

    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Install the Waterfall Foam

Once you’ve placed all of the stone, seal the different waterfalls using waterfall foam. The foam not only seals the spaces between rocks, but also acts as an adhesive. While it is still pliable, you can place smaller stones in and on top of the foam to hide it.

waterfall foam seals spaces between rocks

Step 2: Add Some Gravel

Finish filling in the stream bed with gravel, and rinse the stone. Pump out the dirty water using a sump pump. Fill the pond if you haven't already.

fill pond once stream has been cleaned

Step 3: Add Plants and Fish

Once the pond has been filled, plant the aquatic plants and release fish into the pond. Plants and fish help maintain the ecological balance of the pond and keep it clear.

aquatic plants and fish keep ecological balance

Step 4: Complete the Stream

With all of the filters hooked up, pond filled and liners connected, start the stream. Make any necessary adjustments, and finish up by trimming the liner (Image 1). To finish the edge of the liner, build a small trench a few inches beyond the edge of the pond, trim the liner to fit into the trench, bury the edge and seal it with rock (Image 2).