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How to Add Shelves in a Bedroom Study

New shelves and existing accessories get a facelift, and the room is finished.

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room is put back together
  • Time


  • Price Range

    $50 - $100

  • Difficulty

    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Paint the Shelves and Posterboard

Paint the precut shelves with Dark Mustard paint and allow to dry.

Cut posterboard to fit the back of the shelves and paint with a French Pale Blue.

Step 2: Apply Sheet Music Pattern

To decorate the shelf back, brush matte medium (available at art-supply stores) over the board in small sections. While the medium is still wet, copies of sheet music are laid face down on it and quickly burnished with a putty knife (Image 1).

The sheets are then peeled off, leaving an impression of the notes in place on the board. Because the music has been copied, the ink from a copier or a printer will transfer the image to the medium (Image 2).

Step 3: Attach Posterboard and Shelves

Position the posterboard on the wall with thumbtacks.

Use a stud finder and a laser to mark the position of the shelves.

Drill holes for the shelf brackets, and attach the shelves to the wall.

Step 4: Dress up the Lampshades

Dress up the white lampshades with squiggly lines of custom dark brown paint.

dress up white lampshades

Step 5: Put the Room Back Together

The room is put back together: it's now a sophisticated space to enjoy and pursue college studies.

room is put back together